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What are bitcoins, you ask? Well, you've come to the right place!

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency used widely on the internet. It is as anonymous as cash. You can buy things with it, just like physical money. You can also exchange physical money into bitcoin and bitcoin into physical money.


You keep bitcoins in a wallet. A wallet is a program on your computer, smartphone, etc. Some wallets are local ones that you download onto your computer. Those do not require you to create an account or identify yourself in any way. Some wallets may ask for things like an email for backup purposes. Other wallets are completely online. These include Coinbase and Xapo. It is always a good thing that if you are using an online wallet to have a local backup.


Bitcoin transactions involve a lot of complex math. Because bitcoin is decentralized, ordinary people have mining equipment that do the math for you and they get paid a very small part of each transaction. If you would like to mine with your PC, then you need a top end PC with a very good GPU. There is also cloud mining available. However it is not recommended that you use cloud mining as it costs a lot of money each month and you wont make a lot.


Faucets, like this one, are websites that ask for your BTC address (dont worry, this does not give any access to your wallet, all it does is let them send you bitcoin) and you fill out a captcha. They then usually send faucetbox the reward and once you do enough faucets, FaucetBOX pays your wallet.